January Meeting 2015

Guest speaker District 1 Legislative Chairman Ruben Saenz with Socorro Vicinaiz, Diane Wanja, Dora Cackley, Sylvia L. Perez, Sylvia G. Suarez, Tita E. Tamez, Rose Lehmann, Graciana de Pena, Alicia Gonzalez, Dolores Schrock, Inez Ortiz and Bill Esparza.  Not pictured are George Waldhelm,
Stella and Calixto Ramirez.  
Officers and Committe Chairmen

ABCD Award recognizes Sylvia G. Suarez
January Birthdays Dora Garcia and Celina Champion
Presentation of TRS facts, TRS health care crisis
and TRS options for solving $750 million shorfall.

Both Sylvia G. Suarez and Jerry Osborn share
how TRS retirees and active TRS members would make a significant difference if they would get more
involved in the political process with
1 out of every 20 people in Texas being
TRS members. We should get involved!  
TRTA is the only association in Texas
that fights to protect our TRS pension,
our health care and our benefits. Join now!
Membership Form here
Members wrote letters to our legislators
and were mailed the same day.