Hello Out There,

This is the District 19 Technology Team Page and it's purpose is to identify what we want to do to enhance our member's experiences in our district  and in our local units.

We formed our team in 2012 with members from EPRTA, EPLVRTA and YRSEA. Our initial goal was to have each local unit publish their newletters and have an online membership form available on their web page using the latest MURA format. We did it.

It is now the fall of 2015 and we still need a couple nerds, a geek or two and a few fertile minds seeking exposure. C'mon along! 

Contact: ronleiman2@gmail.com

District 19 Technology Team meets in 2012. From left to right: Diana Kisselburg, Linda Reece, Julie Jones, Becky Martinez and Anita Segura.