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TRTA members have been asking for a permanent membership card for years.  The TRRTA Diamond Plus Program is the result of numerous discussions over the years.  After much discussion it was decided that an ongoing program was needed that would reduce mailing and printing costs and improve overall efficiency of the organization.  

Diamond Plus is the solution! Not only does this program provide a permanent membership card, it eases the workload for local units by saving them time and money and making record-keeping easier.  It allows TRTA to be better stewards of membership dues by spending less on mailing renewals and paper cards and more on legislative activity.  With the looming battle over TRS-Care, Diamond Plus arrives at the ideal time.







Members of the Texas Retired Teachers Association (TRTA) have been asking for a permanent membership card for years. In 2013. the TRTA Board of Directors charged the TRTA State Membership Committee with exploring this possibility and the committee responded with a plan of action!

The TRTA Diamond Plus Program is the result! After much deliberation, it was decided that an ongoing program was needed to reduce mailing and printing costs and improve overall efficiency of the organization.

Diamond Plus Program advantages include:

keeping easier-large Diamond Plus participants and brand new TRTA members to join local units by providing a $5 off local unit dues voucherDiamond Plus provides TRTA members with:($2.92 per month) instead of annuallyCurrent TRTA Members

draft members will receive their permanent membership cards in the mail this winter (March 2014)New TRTA Members

2013< >2001Diamond Plus encourages participation in local units by offering a voucher to first-time members for local unit membership dues. These are folks who have NEVER been a member of TRTA and are unfamiliar with the

great benefits of being in a local The voucher also will be offered to at-large members who pay via current monthly or bank draft..

These brand new and continuing members will receive a $5 off local unit dues voucher. The TRTA state office will reimburse local units for this expense. The voucher has an expiration date of December 31, 2014. Local unit treasurers should send vouchers to the TRTA Membership Department for reimbursement.

An option to provide permanent membership cards to ALL members of TRTA regardless of payment method was considered, and determined to be too costly for the organization. This would have created the need to supply documentation to regular members on an annual basis, which would increase mailing and printing costs.

Please note that any and all TRTA members who wish to become Diamond Plus participants by converting to either current monthly or bank draft payment methods may do so upon their next renewal. TRTA will feature a Diamond Plus booth at Convention where attendees can sign up for Diamond Plus and receive their cards on the same day. Early sign-ups (renewals sent through mail) will receive their cards after Convention.

Thank you for all of the work you are doing to encourage membership growth! With your help, we can make TRTA a stronger, more efficient organization focused on service to its members!





The Texas Retired Teachers Association (TRTA) membership department is now collecting state dues for the 2014-2015 membership year. A 20142015 Membership Renewal Form is included in this packet.

March is an excellent time to begin your spring membership drive and begin submitting state dues to the TRTA office. Many of you know that during the 2013 60th Annual TRTA Convention in Corpus Christi, our House of Delegates voted to raise the state dues amount from $25 per year to $35 per year. This new amount is reflected on the enclosed renewal form.

For those members who pay on a monthly basis, either through payroll deduction or bank draft, the amount withdrawn monthly will increase from $2.08 per month to $2.92 per month. This change will take place onJuly l, 2014, the first day of the TRTA fiscal and membership year.

As you read on the previous page, TRTA is promoting Diamond Plus, a value added program available to all members of TRTA. Members who join Diamond Plus upon their next renewal will receive their permanent membership cards before July l!

To become a Diamond Plus participant, a TRTA member simply needs to convert to either the current monthly or bank draft payment method upon their next renewal! Those who sign up early will get their cards after Convention.

TRTA will also feature a special Diamond Plus booth at the 6lst Annual Convention in Dallas AprilB-15. Members who wish to renew their state dues onsite at Convention will have their new, permanent TRTA membership card printed on the same day!

Thank you for your hard work! We wish a successful, fruitful year to all of our dedicated local units! 


To receive your Membership Roster, please contact the TRTA Membership Department by February 18 and let us know how you would like to receive it. Select only one option:


       TRTAConnect (not signed up with TRTAConnect? Contact Brenda at brenda@trta.org or 1.800.880.1650) Email

       Hard copy/snail mail