Introducing the "How Do I" Section that will walk you through step by step how to perform various tasks, such as adding calendars, ordering pages, uploading images, and so on. There are many videos to assist you with your content editing. Use the search bar in the top right-hand side of the page to search for specific topics.

Add a Help Tips Section to Your Site

This is good information to know!

Adding a Calendar to Your Website

This video demonstrates how to add a calendar to your website, along with a recurring event.

Adding a Color to a Border of Your Image

You'll have to take a look at the code!

Adding a Google Map

There are a couple of ways to add a Google Map to your site. Examples include: directions, locations, and other options.

Adding a Newsletter to Your Site as a PDF File

The way Microsoft Word documents are displayed online differ from that of PDF files.

Adding A Newsletter to Your Site as a Web Page

This video will show you how to upload your clip art so that your web page looks like a newsletter.

Adding a Picture Gallery

This video will show you how to add a picture gallery,and add images to it, one at a time.

Adding a YouTube Video to Your Site

It's easy once you know where to look!

Adding an Archives Section

This video shows how to add an archives section to your site.

Adding columns to your web pages by choosing different templates

Having template troubles? Do you want a sidebar, or maybe just wonder why you don't have one? Here is a guide to the different kinds of templates that you can use when creating and editing pages in Mura CMS.