Adding a Google Map

Updates have recently been made with Google's Map features. As a result, latitude and longitude are now needed until a solution can be found. Please use the following steps and video to assist you in adding a map. 

If the video below does not work, please click here to watch the video on Screencast.

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In order to get a map for a specific location, you need to get the latitude and longitude for the place in question.

1. Search for an address or the place you want to locate using Google Maps.  Depending on the specificity of your search, Google may drop a pin in the exact location for you, or else offer you options.

  • For instance, if searching "McDonalds", a map will appear populated with several possible locations for you to choose from.

  • If you don't have an exact address, zoom in or out on the map to locate your desired geographic location manually.


2. If a pin already exists, right click on it and choose "What's Here" as shown below:

If a pin does not exist, drop one by clicking on the location. Then, right click and choose "What's Here." To right click on a Mac, hold down the Ctrl key as you click on the mouse.


3. Copy and paste the latitude and longitude coordinates. 


4. Now that you have the latitude and longitude, go to Mura and cliclk on the "Map" button in the editor:

In location, don't add anything to the Auto-Complete search. You have to leave that blank, and enter the latitude and longitude coordinates instead. Click OK once done.

In the Options tab, it is also recommended that you uncheck the Include MiniMap box:


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