Welcome to RRSP



Welcome to the RRSP unit of TRTA!


Greetings from your (2017 - 2019) Co-Presidents for Richardson Retired School Personnel.

Our RRSP Unit has grown from 52 charter members in 1979 to over 700 today, becoming one of the largest units in the state! 

Our seven meetings for the 2018-2019 year are:  Sept.20th, Oct. 18th, Nov. 15th, Feb.21st, Mar.21st, Apr.18th, and May 16th, always the third Thursday of the month. Our meetings are from 11:00 a.m. - 1:00 p.m. at Highland Springs, located at 8000 Frankford Road and Coit Road, in Dallas, 75252.

We have a delicious lunch, an interesting program, and hold a short business meeting.  The price of the lunch is $13.00.  Reservations can be made by phoning 214-890-6989 at least eight days in advance. 

Our theme for 2017-2019 is Together We Aspire, Achieve, Succeed!”  One or more of these areas will be highlighted each month either formally or informally. 

I hope you will consider joining us, enjoying great food, entertaining programs, and warm fellowship with former RRSP colleagues, while staying informed on issues important to all annuitants.


Tobi Bray and Louise Link
RRSP Co-Presidents (2017 - 2019)

For more information, please visit other areas on this website or call the RRSP News line (214-890-6989).



Tobi Bray
(214) 906-2545

Louise Link
(972) 824-6861

Dorcas Helms
1st Vice-President
Membership Chair

(972) 231-8680

Carla Bremer
2nd Vice-President
Public Relations

(214) 557-5209

Judy McGee
2nd Vice-President
Book Project

(214) 280-8110

Janie Garretson
3rd Vice-President Programs
(972) 359-1679

Carole Kilduff
(972) 414-1231

Elaine Simmons
(214) 356-0355

Mary Ann Schwab
Acting Immediate
Past President
Newsletter Chair

(972) 424-8900

Jack D. Noteware
Legislative Chair
(214) 856-3840

Kathy Grogan
(469) 328-4728

Jan Casner
Local Retirement
Education Co-Chair

(972) 661-5928

Cori C. Pratt
Local Retirement
Education Co-Chair

(469) 231-7229

Laura Snow
Community Volunteer
Services Chair

(972) 669-0531

Elizabeth Zsohar
Local Health Care Chair
Info/Protective Services Chair

(214) 327-6454

Jeannette Winkelmann
Sunshine Chair
(972) 495-1781

Ann Rubin
Asst-Book Project
(469) 573-5454

Sylvia Allgaier
(972) 235-0366

Polly O'Neill
(214) 674-8366

Barbara A. Murphy
Member Benefits Chair
(972) 231-3356

Gloria Canham
Door Prizes Chair
(214) 235-1192

Mike Mamminga
Richardson Foundation Rep
(972) 839-6342

Tonna Duke
TRTA Foundation Rep
(972) 803-3804

Ginger Mayo
Information Distribution
(214) 802-9833

Frank Bray
(972) 757-4171